birthday! <3

i had a mini celebration for my sweet sixteen yesterday! oh gosh, i totally love ivan and donna man. they were sooo sooo sweet. i was sick, apparently on my birthday! (sucks!) and well my friends couldn’t come due to them being scared of catching my cold.

well they owe me big for missing me on my birthday! they’re taking me out to jumbo @ east coast today. πŸ˜€ ivan’s taking me to hard rock cafe in a minute’stime.

anyway ivan and donna bought me a mini japanese buffet. sushi, ramen and dango. it was divine. i do have pictures which i will upload when i feel like it. πŸ˜€



1. What’s your least favorite anime or movie?
saw… ._. you know, that one with the saw? and that guy called jigsaw? and the syringe pit? YOU KNOW? :O

2. What shows did you watch as a grade schooler?
Blue’s clues 😑

3. What was your childhood dream?
There was a point when I wanted to be nothing but a housewife married to a rich man. 😑 but i wanted to be a vet when i was like..four?

4.Which would you rather go to, the beach or a swimming pool?
The beach! It’s romantic, with a certain somebody πŸ™‚

5.If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Read minds, and control them. I think that’s called Telepathy.

EIGHT things you fail at.
1. Not eating Macdonalds every month.
2. Not stalking my fridge.
3. Resisting a certain someone :x.
4. Dealing with bimbos.
5. Not fainting at the sight of blood.
6. Not listening to music.
7. Being sociable with people whom i don’t know.
8. Not being naive.

SEVEN songs you listened to today.
1. Just the girl (The Click Five)
2. Collide (Howie Day)
3. Midnight Bottle (Colbie Caillhat)
4. Over you (Daughtry)
5. What goes around, comes around (Justin Timberlake)
6. Till we ain’t strangers anymore (Bon Jovi feat. LeAnn Rimes)
7. I got it from my mama (Will.i.am)

SIX things you desire,or need.
1. That dress at Zara (MAJOR DESIRE/NEED).
2. To learn espanol (i’m an amigo in the making).
3. Always be a spaz.
4. A new damn freaking good, non-lagging phone.
5. Make sure Devon stops being a gay.
6. Chocolate (seriously, who doesn’t desire chocolate isn’t human).

FIVE annoyances.

1. teenies!!!.
2. bimbos!!!.
3. ppl who can’t take little little puny puny tiny tiny jokes.

4. bitches. duh? ._.

5. bitter food (which includes dark chocolate)FOUR things you will never do.
1. Never fall out of love with the click five.
2. Never play the piano & hear music.
3. Never stalk the fridge.
4. Never write & read again.

THREE people to tag.
1. Donut sugary food.
2. Vivien.
3. Winnie.

TWO people you saw today.
1. Ivan my prince :).
2. Jina the queen.

OKAYYY i updated my blog! my school has an early dismmisal time now! about an hour from the normal? better than nothing, right.


i got sent out of class today. was in a bad mood and the teacher was having one of her bitch fits, about singaporean lingo. what is her deal? i find singlish is really funny and cool. & apparently i got like 32/40 for my essay. AND SHE WAS NOT HAPPY. Yo, i tried my best, lady. if you ain’t happy, sorry then. you can’t expect me to score perfect marks for my SATs.

get a life. boo.

okay; you wanted me to get a blog. here it is, donna. to tell you the truth i rarely blog, but when i do blog when i’m in the mood to write, i can post just one post but a very long one. Currently i have nothing much to say here because my mind is engrossed with talking on chatgasm with my girlies.

bao; whom was on her way on becoming a full fledged SPASTIC quit the spazzes ‘pit’ when i told her spastics are naive πŸ˜€

my next target: donna. *evil laughs*Β  my dear cousin, watch out as the spaz is coming to grab you!

seeyou soon; cait.